The Hungarian cooking pot, or kettle, or as Hungarians call it "bogracs" is the signature way of cooking in Hungary, and it's becoming more and more popular all around Europe.
It always played an important role in Hungarians way of life, being very versatile, easy to cook in, to transport the raw ingredients to their 'workplace' (farms, fields, etc) as well as the already cooked stew or gulasch. It is also used to distill Hungary's national drink, palinka, or to make fruit preserves, jams, etc in it.
There are many sizes available in different finishes. We prefer the double enamel version, and the one we sell caters for approx. 8 people at the time. (10L)
The fire pit also enamel, and because it's a closed pit, very safe, and wind resistant, making life of the cook easier.

Hungarian cooking pot

We also sell a shallow frying pan, which works very similar to BBQ, with the important difference of making controlling the food much cleaner and easier.
We have a variety of accessories, a miniature version of the pot for serving, wooden spoons, wooden tongues, etc.

Hungarian cooking pot 2

Once you cooked the meal, whilst enjoying it, the fire bucket doubles up as a stove to sit around in the outdoors, to keep us warm.
As well as a fun, new way of cooking, it brings the family together while preparing ingredients, collecting the wood to make the fire with.
You can cook the same meals indoors, but it will never compare to the one made in the pot, acquiring that special smoky flavour, and each different type of wood used will give different flavour. Traditionally we use acacia wood.

Apart from trying out flavoursome Hungarian recipes, why not cook your curry, chilli, stew, lamb, etc in it next time? The limits of uses are only limited by the imagination of the user.

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